The Impact of Personalized Print

We have all been subject to the generic mass mailers for years. Time and time again we see postcards and letters that are addressed to “Residents of” or “Home Owner of.” Do we pay attention to these? Not so much. Why? Because they make us feel like we are just another customer, nothing special, no different than the next.

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© kikkerdirk / Fotolia

When I bought my house a few years ago my mailbox was flooded by companies advertising their insurance or home improvement services. If they actually knew my name or personalized the message in some way, I may have been more inclined to do more than just glance. Now, had they sent me something like a picture with my new home and all the possibilities of various improvements – I would have definitely read it over, took note of the company, and even thrown the postcard on my refrigerator to come back to at a later time.

Personalizing your print makes an impression and gets noticed!  Personalized print has proven to be an effective communication and marketing tool in capturing the attention of target audiences. As a result, companies have seen increased response rates, revenue, return on investment, and reduction in the costs and waste that are associated with generic, mass mailings

It’s ironic that just today I received a personalized mailer from Google. I have seen these advertisement offers from Google before, but not like this. It immediately grabbed my attention. The level of specialization is great and makes an impact. Shows our company name, our location on the map, phone number and street address, and everything is accurate.  Looks like Avalon is creating an advertising campaign on Google in the near future…

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Personalized marketing is everywhere, in places that you don’t even really notice. Think about when you shop online. Usually you have to register in order to create a Wish List or add to your Shopping Cart. This way every time you visit the site, you are greeted by name. Depending on what supermarket you shop at, your receipt may be printed with coupons based on the items you just purchased. Even social media sites recommend pages to you that fit your interests and what you ‘like’ frequently.

If you are not personalizing your marketing, especially your print, you are missing out!


  • Personalized print is also known as variable data printing, variable marketing, customized printing, or 1:1 printing
  • Personalized print includes, but not limited to: name, gender, past purchase history, occupation, marital status, political views, income level, interests, hobbies
  • When using variable graphics or images, digital printing is a must
  • When using variable text only, print core shell in color via offset printing, then print text in black via digital printing on the shell – most cost effective solution
  • Personalized print provides provable ROI
  • Personalized printing optimizes your marketing investment by not mailing irrelevant information to the wrong people
  • The most basic level involves changing the salutation or name on each copy much, similar to a mail merge
  • ‘Versioning’ is more complicated, where there may be differing amounts of customization for different markets, with text and images changing based upon which segment of the market is being addressed
  • Triple check your data files, design files and images. If you are implementing more than one personalized variable, make sure the correct person is getting the correct design and image
  • Do not assume! Use only the information you have at hand for your variable. Assumptions can be wrong and you will likely offend someone.

Ready to give personalized printing a try? Or ready to get your next campaign underway? Avalon has experience in variable data printing and can help grab the attention of your target audience.

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