Bid Management/Online Planroom

Managing bid distribution is easier than ever with Avalon’s online planroom. We help you overcome your challenges with a tailor-made virtual environment that features a selection of tools and services – including document publishing, management, ordering, distribution, and bidding – that streamline communication for your construction projects.

The sealed electronic bidding feature, which is free of cost for all municipalities and public entities, allows bidders to securely submit their bids – which remain locked and private until the bid date – via the Avalon planroom portal. When the bid date arrives, you and your team can easily download and open the bid files and award the winning bids – all within a secure virtual environment.

Our online planroom allows you to:

  • Stay informed about the activity of your job by viewing the list of subcontractors that have placed orders
  • Post jobs for your subcontractors to view from their web browser
  • Categorize jobs as public or private (and restrict access to private jobs by only providing the password to authorized subcontractors)
  • Remove yourself from the transaction (subcontractors can place orders directly from our planroom)
  • Send emails notifying all job planholders about revisions, addenda, or other updates

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