Send us a File

Please select from the “Shops” list below to send us a file for production. We have a 2GB maximum file upload limit for any files sent. Before you send your files, please read the instructions below to ensure that we are provided everything we need to produce your project perfectly. Please note that we require all fonts used in the creation of your file.




All InDesign files must be packaged with the links used to create the file. An interchange file (.inx) must also be sent with the project so that we can open your file regardless of which version of InDesign you are currently using.


Illustrator files should be saved as a PDF, or sent as either an .AI or .EPS file.


Photoshop files should be sent as an unflattened image so we can make edits to your file as you see fit.

PC or Mac

Please indicate to your sales or service representative whether you used a PC or a Mac to create your file. This will help us expedite your project, as well as lessen the chance of corrupting your files by attempting to open them on the wrong operating system.

If you have any questions about how to package and send your file type, please contact the appropriate office and we will be happy to help!