Patrick Beckett

patrick beckettManaging Partner, Buffalo |

Patrick Beckett serves as the Managing Partner for our Buffalo, NY office, leveraging over 12 years of proven sales and management expertise across various industry verticals.

Prior to joining Avalon, Patrick held key leadership positions at Abercrombie & Fitch, ADP, and The Dun and Bradstreet Corporation. During this time, he successfully secured over $4 million in new business acquisitions within a relatively short timeframe. Patrick is a former graduate of Niagara University, where he earned a degree in business management and grasped the significance of sharing acquired knowledge with others to yield positive collaborations and outcomes.

His rational approach has been marked with addressing evolving business challenges, and leading cross-functional teams across sales, service, and operation divisions. His accomplishments include revenue expansion, nurturing talent development, overseeing business transformations, and building trust through consistent execution, when aligning a clear understanding of what constitutes success for all parties involved.