Managed Review

Technology that empowers

Get the data you need to win your case by partnering with Avalon for your managed review needs. Our highly trained professionals improve efficiency and effectiveness of every review by utilizing best-in-breed technology, namely, RelativityOne. This powerful platform arms our experts with tools to review, redact, and produce documents quickly and proficiently, whether for litigation or in response to government inquiries.

RelativityOne’s intuitive workflows allow our team to accelerate through review and production easily and accurately, as they identify and organize the most relevant information and get to the heart of your litigation matter quickly. By utilizing artificial intelligence in conjunction with the review process, our experts can detect patterns and trends in large volumes of data and identify relevant document faster than ever before.

Proactive, business-savvy legal professionals

Save time and resources – and your clients money – by using our contract attorneys from project planning to completion. Our team has decades of experience designing, staffing, and managing thousands of document reviews of all types, sizes, and languages. Our recruiters will select from a talented pool of legal professionals throughout the U.S. for your review project and can scale up or down whenever necessary. And since our reviewers’ billing rate is a fraction of the cost of a typical in-house case team, your firm can save thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – of dollars per project.

Unmatched quality control

Our highly trained and experienced project managers oversee a variety of quality control methods early and often. For example, we check a random sample of every reviewer’s initial batch to ensure adherence to protocol. And, over the course of the review, we employ different methodologies, including dynamic searches, targeted searches, and batch level QC to ensure the work is being done according to expectations.

So, no matter how complex your project is or how often your case needs change, Avalon’s hyper-responsive team will create scalable solutions that meet your review needs, provide unwavering support throughout the engagement, and deliver significant cost savings to help your organization prosper.

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Here’s what you can expect from our Managed Review services:

  • We have 1,000+ workstations and 15,000+ legal professionals and can scale up or down with little notice
  • Document review attorneys and project managers are assigned to your case based on the specific qualifications you require
  • Services include first level review, foreign language review, quality control, second level review, redactions, market surveillance, contract management, deposition preparation, targeted searching, and privilege log
  • Security protocols that ensure your confidential data is handled with the utmost respect for privacy
  • Available 24/7 to respond to all your managed review staffing need
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