Print This: The Brochure Is Still Relevant

I promise not to use clichés in this post like “the digital era” or “screen addict.”

But please know that they’re exactly what I’m alluding to.

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There are some of us who still love the feel of opening up the Sunday paper, reading a magazine in the checkout line, or folding back the cover of a paperback. The same can be said for brochures. While websites are a convenient reference, a printed brochure allows prospective clients to review your material without web-based distractions, and actually holding it in their hands allows for an in-your-face, crisply colored, tangible reminder of what you can do for them.

In addition to fostering brand recognition, brochures are still a great marketing tool for the following reasons:

  • A website provides a comprehensive overview of a company’s services, but a brochure can be focused to a target market, a particular service area, or even a specific client.
  • Despite what we want to be true, not all potential clients are technologically savvy—because they’re not in an industry where computers are necessary for day-to-day business, or because they’re, ahem, a bit older—and some might appreciate the throwback to the salesman leave-behind rather than a “check out our website.”
  • There are countless options for paper weight, size, shape, and finish; therefore, brochure printing can work around any budget.
  • Tradeshows and conferences are still very relevant methods of reaching would-be clients, and providing a takeaway that they can revisit later is an extension of your in-person meeting.

A brochure might not reach everyone, but there’s always a chance it can end up on the desk of the right person who will pick it up and say, “hey, let’s call these guys.”  So until opposable thumbs become obsolete, let’s keep printing brochures.

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