Piece of History in Avalon’s Future Home

“On account of war conditions, on and after January 15, 1918, all repairs will be strictly cash.”
On account of war conditions on and after January 15 1918 all repairs will be strictly cash

These are the words that were revealed during construction on Avalon’s soon-to-be 741 Main Street location. While renovating the space, workers came across this painted WWI wording after chipping off some plaster on the walls.

“All of us here at Avalon are excited that this historical wording has been preserved. Although we do not know much more about the wording, it is incredible to be able to touch and see a piece of history from almost a century ago,” said Ashley Koch, Avalon’s Director of Marketing.

The new space is still currently being renovated, and Avalon is still operating out of our 721 Main Street location. The move will take place sometime in early 2014.

More photos can be seen in Buffalo Rising’s article featuring the WWI wording at: http://buffalorising.com/2013/11/ww1-wording-revealed-at-741-main-street/#!prettyPhoto

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this piece of history, what life was like during this time period or other pieces of history, like this or otherwise, that have been uncovered in and around the Buffalo area. Please share your comments below!

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