How Do You Find the ‘Smoking Gun’ ?

Written By: Jason Schroeder, Vice President of Legal Technology

How many of you have actually found the smoking gun doc in your reviews?  That one email or letter that makes it an open and shut case, or that one doc the opposition has to give over that puts all of the power in your hands.   What if I told you that I could show you a way to create your own smoking gun to find others like it?  Well, I have a way to do just that.

© fotola70 / Fotolia
© fotola70 / Fotolia

Relativity analytics processing is an index that can be created for your hosted items.  This index is based on your document set alone, without requiring outside dictionaries and offers many added benefits such as email threading, predictive coding, clustering of similar items, and many others.  The portion I want to speak about today is concept searching.  Concept searching, as its name implies, allows you to search on a concept instead of just a Boolean search with using specific keywords.  This concept can come from text inside your items or from any outside source you choose and the results will be much broader than relying on exact keywords or phrases.  Using text from outside sources is where it gets really interesting.   Why not draft up your own concept inside a mock smoking gun in order to find the real smoking gun?

If this sounds intriguing to you (I know it did to me), give us a call over here at Avalon and we’ll show you this awesome tool in action.  Let’s find those smoking guns!

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