HELP! What Font Do I Choose?

Among the hundreds of thousands of fonts that exist, how do you possibly choose one? What factors should be considered when making your decision? Does the font choice even make that much of a difference?

Choosing a font can make your head spin, but it is a choice that should be carefully made. Typefaces have the power to capture attention, instill emotion and reinforce your brand message. So before you start designing, take a look at the tips below to help narrow down your font choices.

1)Choose a font that is legible and easy on the eyes.  If a font is legible then you can clearly distinguish one character from another. It should be easy to read and the type should not overpower the text. If the type calls more attention to itself than what the text actually says, what’s the point?

Extrablur good karma kanidsky         sign

2)Consider the fonts readability. Readability refers to how the groups of words are arranged on a page. Factors that contribute to a font’s readability are letter spacing, word spacing, line spacing and font size. If the words look like the run together or the top line is almost touching the one underneath, consider some adjustments or a new font.

3)Design a visual hierarchy. Typically you will see two fonts used on the same piece of marketing, and there is a reason behind it. One font for the headline and one for the body, making it easier for the reader to scan and follow. If your marketing piece requires two typefaces, make sure there is a significant contrast. Avoid any subtle differences. Choosing two different font weights, sizes or styles will create enough contrast. Rule of thumb – stick with the same font throughout, or make the two drastically deepest sympathy

4)Choose a suitable font for the occasion. When choosing fonts, many make choices on a personal level, something they like or think stands out the most.  As great as you think the font is, you need to consider its surroundings. For example, you are designing a holiday invite for a company. You many like this bold block letter typeface and you know it will grab the readers’ attention, and it just may. However, is that the right style for a holiday party?

5)Set the mood. Fonts can provoke different emotions and can set the mood of whatever it is you are marketing. Fonts can go from casual to formal, silly to serious, stylish to old fashion. If you want to get your readers excited, chose a font that is loud, bold, and looks exciting itself.

badaboom party santas sleigh wild wood

font testing6)Compare fonts side by side. When you have narrowed down your fonts, compare them next to each other. View them on screen side by side and printed. Printing in black and white will help you focus on the attributes of the font, but if readers will ultimately view your marketing piece in color, print them in color. Color has a major impact on the appeal of one font over the other.

While these tips are by no means all inclusive, they are some basic starting points and guidelines to help you make the best font choice for whatever it is you are designing. Choosing fonts can be overwhelming, but we hope that with these general tips you will be less likely to pull our hair.

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