Coding Cleanup Slowing You Down?

Written By: Jason Schroeder, VP of Legal Technology

Those of you who’ve conducted an intensive online document review know that it can be extremely frustrating to have to go back in and clear up any coding inconsistencies. You thought you were done and the vendor was supposed to create the production disk and you could call it a day.   Vendors don’t like to deal with inconsistent coding either as coding cleanup slows down the whole process and can jeopardize the already tight deadlines.  Well, I have a process that greatly decreases or eliminates coding cleanup through use of an event handler.

© airdone / Fotolia
© airdone / Fotolia

Event handler is a fancy term for an if/then condition that can be applied to your coding form. This is similar to a required field, only smarter.  The event handler uses the coding choices to direct the coder to another field.   If you code something responsive, we can make the coder decide on its privileged status.  Another example is to require privilege log information be entered whenever something is deemed privileged.  Better to have the coders enter the info the first time instead of having to go back.  This can greatly reduce, and most times, eliminate coding discrepancies.

Give us a call before you start your next review and we can work with you to set up any coding rules you like.  Then the next time you email us that your review is completed, you really will be.  This will then free you up to start on the next review!

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