8 Brochure Folding Styles

In the world of print and design, the word “brochure” can be a vague term. Brochures are mainly used to communicate product or service information, and are also commonly used to communicate event details. While the purpose of a brochure is the typically the same across the board, the style of the brochure however is not.

Most people (including myself before I worked in the print industry) think of an 8.5×11 tri-folded sheet when they hear the word “brochure.” While that’s not untrue, and this style is probably the most common, there are many other brochure folding styles that can be used.

Keep in mind the style of your brochure should be based on the content you want on it, not on what’s commonly used. Some styles may display your content or photos better than others. Use the style and fold that best suites the brochures content and break out of the norm. Use a style that you have never used before!


tri fold 3 tri fold 2 Tri fold 1


 z fold 1 z fold 2


bi fold 1 bi fold 2


roll fold 1 roll fold 2 roll fold 3


Double parallel 1 double parallel 2 double parallel 3


double gate 3 doubel gate 4

double gate 1 double gate 2


Accordian fold 1 accordian fold 2


 french fold 1 french fold 2 french fold 3 french fold 4


This list is by no means all inclusive. There are some crazy brochure fiolding styles out there that would blow your mind. I am not even sure where one would begin to fold them back together. If you are daring enough to try one of these unique brochure folds out, more power to you. They will definitely make a statement!

Give Avalon a call for your next brochure printing project! No matter how small or large, or how many simple or crazy folds you have, we would love to help with your project. Call today!

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